BOSCH SHP65T55UC 500 Series Flush Handle – Anatomy Of Quiet

BOSCH SHP65T55UC 500 Series Flush Handle – Anatomy Of Quiet

quietest dishwasher brand bosch SHP65T55UC

Bosch SHP65T55UC dishwashers have features that are very delicate when washing. Bosch SHP65T55UC not noisy and uncomfortable in your kitchen. below are the features contained in the Bosch dishwasher SHP65T55UC 500 Series:

Multiple Insulation Layers

Multiple Insulation Layers-1
Multiple layers of sound-absorbing insulation: Coated stainless steel, baked on bitumen, and cotton fiber dampen noise.


EcoSilence Motor System

EcoSilence Motor System-2
Two small brushless motors instead of a single large one reduce friction and work more efficiently. Motors are held by a rubber suspender to absorb vibration. Drain pump detects when water is drained and stops motor immediately to minimize snorkeling noise.


Solid Molded Base

Solid Molded Base-3
Solid molded base absorbs sound while minimizing vibration.


Triple-filtration System

Triple-filtration System-4
Grindless system filters out food particles, eliminating the need for a loud food disposal.

Detergent Tray

Detergent Tray-5
Optimized for tablets, this tray holds detergent in place for a dedicated spray jet to directly dissolve tablet and minimize spraying the door. (Note: dishwasher also works with powder and gel.)

Spray Arms

Spray Arms-6
Spray arms project water towards dishes instead of the tub, reducing noise.


So quiet, we’ve added a light to let you know a cycle is running.